We're coming back

Season 2 is almost here

We're coming back.

After spending the past couple of months collecting new ideas, RFS will return to your inboxes next Friday, November 20. I can't tell you how excited I am for Season 2. As a note, things will be a little different this time around. What to expect:

  1. Fewer ideas, more space. Rather than sharing 10 ideas a week, we're moving to 5. The best part of Season 1 were the conversations that emerged around specific ideas. I hope by cutting down on the number of contributions per week, we have more opportunity to talk about those highlighted. It'll also allow us to have a longer run together, and give me the bandwidth to work towards adding some fun extras. Which brings me on to...

  2. Extra ideas! RFS super-supporters will have a chance to get additional ideas every couple of weeks by bringing some friends into the loop. Many of these will come from me. You can find more info at the bottom of this email. My hope is that as the community grows, it will become even more useful β€” budding founders will meet and join forces, builders will more frequently interact with investors, and we'll hone ideas, together. I'd like to incentivize that growth.

  3. AMAs and events. As part of building a new site for The Generalist, I'm planning to launch a permanent chat for the RFS community. Once we have this set up, I plan to bring in contributors to answer questions about their ideas. I'd also love your direction here. What events do you want to see? I'll do my best.

It's been an intense process pulling this together. To bring you 100 great ideas, we reached out to ~300 people (often multiple times) to secure the best submissions possible. The result is an impressive list of contributors excited to share fresh, original ideas. I'm grateful to everyone that endured my multiple emails and Twitter DMs, whether you were able to submit or not. I'm also appreciative of the help many gave by providing referrals.

The result is this: over the next twenty weeks you'll hear from General Partners of firms like a16z, Floodgate, USV, Initialized, and Greycroft, alongside rising-star investors, successful founders, influential writers, and Twitter favorites. If you'd like access to the full list of contributors in advance, check out the instructions at the end of this email. For now, here's a sneak peek of this season's contributors:

The good news? There are 95 other amazing people to look forward to. With much gratitude to contributors, and you all for reading. We've got a fun ride ahead.



If you're excited about this coming season and want a little more info, we've made it super easy. Just copy and paste your unique link and share it in an email, on social media, or wherever you'd like.

  • If 3 new people sign up through your link, you'll get access to the full list of contributors early.

  • If 7 new people sign up through your link, you'll be put on the list to get extra ideas every couple of weeks.

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